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Con un método sencillo y económico basado en energía solar, Ana Elisa Silva ha logrado encontrar una forma para desalinizar el agua.

Beautiful Black and White Nature Photography

With photograph you have to have skills. You need the right light and darkness. Time is everything to you, if you miss by one second you can mess the picture up.

Recovery-Blackberries and Cherries aid in replenishing oxygen. pomegranate and glutamine help to restore muscle tissue C*Power - Citrus helps weightloss Stressless - watermelon and rosemary is ideal for balancing stress on a mental level. best used during times of stress Digest It -pineapple, mint and ginger, lemongrass, lychee and probiotics this will aid in internal balance Detox -coconut water, cucumber, coconut meat, milk thistle and berries, this combination will cleanse your body

Empaths feel the emotions of other people very deeply. This can often be overwhelming or even harmful. Many empaths can easily become overwhelmed with the outside world. “In an unaware state, an empath will experience the feelings or pains of others — be it distress, sadness, anger, etc., and any physical pain that accompanies it, …

How to Do Ombre Nail Art at Home

Wintry white looks like winter. Pair this color with aqua and it feels like frost. The wintry white is bright with a hint of pearl, which resembles fresh snow when paired with a lovely aqua. This is one combination that looks great as an ombre or french tip. You can also style this combination in a variety of ways, all of which recall the cold season and wintry sports.

7 Raw Foods to Fight the Common Cold and Flu. Incorporate these raw fruits and veggies into your diet to avoid getting sick this season.