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10 Things Every Rookie Parent Should Know (Free Guide)

3 Ways to Instill Honesty in Children #Parenting #GreatTips #DrRobyn

How to start raising kids with life skills to crush entitlement

9 important life skills young kids can learn to help end entitlement and equip them for the future.

A Surprising Reason Our Kids are Insecure

Does your toddler or preschooler act out or talk back at times? This is a surprising reason that your little ones may be acting insecure, and some easy ways to fix it!

Please Please learn this as a truth..Parents best weapon is to stay calm, leave them wondering and let them build the worst in their mind....once you show your emotions or give a hint then their minds begin to figure out how to approach you and how to get around you...not personal just how the teen mind works