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Two out of three voices in my head think you're an idiot. The other one, is deciding where to bury you.

Banksy is by far one of my all time favourite 'Word Smiths'. His beautifully crafted street art with their in your face captions, are the perfect fusion of 'Social Commentary' and 'Timeless Art' SkullyBloodrider.

Here's my ride with the finished 'Brittney Femme Fatale' custom skin. You can see why it caused some serious interest... she looks like she is staring straight through you. The board I slapped it on is a Jones Aviator Carbon 158W 2015 model... and yes it rips. Hotham 'Snowmageddon' freshies - out front of Central and no other humans in sight. Monday 7.7.14.

You have got to love a 'badge' that every time you read it... you laugh. I have already printed & pressed mine.

Truly an 'in your face' quote but... one we all could have used, more than once. A great t.shirt design that would always get laughs.

This is pretty much one of my favourite mantras that keeps me smiling and staying positive, no matter how bad things seem to get SlullyBloodrider.

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