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A limited-edition fragrance just for the month of May, Violetta Cacao teases and tempts with decadent notes of violet, cacao and vanilla. The ultimate indulgence with a regal twist (violets are often associated with royalty), dab some on and feel like a queen.

Soliflore fragrances, perfumes which center around one particular flower, have their own unique sense of intrigue. Perfume-making is a rich and multi-faceted endeavor and while many of our favorite scents are dynamic and complex with many different notes, sometimes the unmistakable scent of a familiar flower or herb recreated using different botanical building blocks can be even more inspiring.

Inspired by the Middle Eastern dessert of the same name, Musk Malabi brings together musk, rose, and orange blossom in an unexpectedly harmonious triad. Sweet yet sophisticated, Musk Malabi is sexy and delicious, without the calories of the dessert. Spoil yourself with this exotic, fragrant treat. Musk Malabi is not entirely selfish: 10% of all sales of this perfume go to bring vital support to the Syrian refugees.

Crafted out of feather-light shea and coconut oil, Tamya is the lightest of Ayala's body oils. Scented with yuzu and ylang-ylang, this oil will moisturize and nourish your skin while leaving it with a light, fruity-floral scent.

With ultra-moisturizing squalene, apricot seed, vitamin E and jojoba oil – Elixir has everything your skin needs to keep itself healthy, with absolutely no nonsense or fillers. Sea-buckthorn, rose and neroli give this light-as-air oil a beautiful floral-fruity scent along with an extra dose of vitamin A & E. It makes a wonderful gift for a loved one or for yourself.

Warm, spicy and vibrant with the mysterious smell of violets and anise – Ayala created Indigo as a perfume for her own mother. Rare boronia, orris and neroli create an exotic prelude, reminiscent of a moon-kissed garden after nightfall. Frankincense, amber, carnation and anise create a fiery heat that transforms and lingers on the skin, delicate yet present when one comes close or leans in for a hug.

Ayala Moriel Natural Perfumes | Scents | Tamya - This extraordinary perfume is dedicated to my daughter and captures the essence of the magical hour just before sunset: The twilight sun sends warm rays of golden light across the Mediterranean meadow, and shines through the blossoms of Autumn Crocuses and Wild Bluebells that have been just awakened by the first rain? It also evokes the luscious, glowing fruit of the first tangerines, pink guavas and abundant pomegranates.