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Well, I only have one dimple (in my right cheek) and I hate it 'cause people always say it's "so cute" and want to poke it, urgh

Only those special people who you truly care about and trust enough to not judge and u actually reveal to them who you really are. The best feel in gin the world is when you show the person you truly love who you really are and it makes them love you even

Hi beautiful.And Welcome to Fashiongllamorous,This blog belongs to two girls ,Beatriz 15 and Valesca and live in Brazil.Here you will find everything related in : fashion,Taylor Lautner, photography, rain, winter, watches, jumps, makeups, nail,...

I like the idea but hamburgers and chicken and Chik-fil-a are too yummy.

I want that relationship where you can watch movies, but then the storm knocks out your power, so you're sitting there with that special person, just cuddling and talking..