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2009 | Hit the Gym at the polyclinic - Technogym - Woodlands NHG Polyclinic | More information at:

14 Oct 2013 | Getting around new polyclinic as easy as ABC - Yishun NHG Polyclinic |

Oct 2013 | Official Opening of Family Medicine Academy at Bukit Batok NHG Polyclinic |

29 June 2012 | Consult same polyclinic doctor at no extra cost - 4 out of 9 NHG Polyclinics |

As healthcare delivery in the United States under the Affordable Care Act changes focus from fee for service to quality outcomes, efforts to prevent illness become increasingly reimbursable, and coding guidelines reflect this change. Click here to get full article.

Escape from North Korea: 'How I escaped horrors of life under Kim Jong-il'

Yeonmi Park, a young woman who fled North Korea after seeing friends and family tortured and killed, tells her harrowing story

The great school uniform debate. The question as to whether students should have to wear school uniforms or not tends to be a very divisive issue which can lead to opposing sides becoming very entrenched in their position. This is an issue which has the potential to tear a school apart. An inclusive. fair, equitable approach to this issue can prevent this from ever happening and will make your school stronger than ever before.

Phòng xét nghiệm cao cấp tiêu chuẩn 5 sao của phòng khám đa khoa 5 Sao Hà Nội: với trang thiết bị hiện đại, kỹ thuật có tay nghề: đảm bảo độ chính xác cho mọi xét nghiệm.