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Minus the packing. Also, I love how I can tell this was written by a British person because the z's are s's

Do something like this for Kids room... :) When I stop and just think about these words, they really do ring true for me. But some days I know they won't. Those are the days that I have to push myself to look for the joy and beauty that surround me. Yes.

because sometimes nature cant handle the pressure. because sometimes the sky explodes.

Two of my favorite lines from Emma Watson's speech on the state of feminism.

Emma Watson on Feminism


Raar afdrukken, kunst aan de muur, typografie Poster, zwart en wit, ik ben niet raar ik ben Limited Edition

I'd rather be weird than to be some carbon copy of what others think is normal. The Founding Fathers were branded as criminals. Jesus, was viewed as weird. I'm just the guy the Good Lord planned for me to be, and that's that.

Life is Like a Camera - Word Art Print - photography quote poster white simple decor

Inspirational quotes and sayings have the power to make us think about the world differently, motivate us to change, and even put us in a good mood. I find it helpful to put happiness quotes I find...