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sachinteng: 30 DAY CHALLENGE // DAY SEVENTEEN // YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY HALLOWEEN Because even though you’re wearing a mask, it’s every other day of the year when you’re really wearing a costume, and this is the day you take it off. WEBSITE FACEBOOK PRINTS

These enchanting artworks are created by professional illustrator Sparrow. Sparrow is a username that she use on Tumblr, as she explained “It’s from A Ubiquity

rovinacai: “ ‘Tom, Thom’ - illustration for an upcoming short story on written by K. M. Ferebee. The story has birds, wintriness, and other exciting things that I probably shouldn’t spoil ;) It will be up on next February. In the...

mesmerizing GIFs by ofsparrows.tumblr This is a gorgeous piece of animation and every time I look upon it, I am awestruck. Even if this were a still picture and not a gif, it would be wonderfully colored and textured. I only wish that one day I can be ab

An illustrator working under the name Sparrows has created a series of animated GIFs that delight and intrigue. The artist says that she takes her name from her favorite poem A Ubiquity Of Sparrows by Craig Arnold.

edit: THIS IS NOT NIGHTVALE. Please stop. Please. This was originally meant for June’s theme over at 15 folds, but real life got in the way in a truly spectacular fashion and it just didn’t happen in time. Thanks for inviting me anyway, Amy!

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