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I love this quote. I'm young but I know that I want to be the president of the world,the first girl president. So years from now,remember the name Ramirez and vote for me. Lol

Haha Previous Pinner, you're funny But - I want to be Happy (Laughing) throughout the rest of my life... How about you? :) <<To the bank ;)

How to Be a Boss, Like a Boss. What qualities are really important in being a boss? Belle Communications

15 Inspiring Quotes That Will Make You Want To Travel The World (Part I)

I guess this much is true, really! I am in love with so many people that I've never met and I'm in love with so many who I am yet to know the existance of, it's pretty fascinating how in such a big world we are destined to different places and people-anabel xx

And through loving them, unconditionally, you realize they do not need 'saving' at all - it is merely the experience they choose, be it conscious or not, and experience is all that we live for.