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Ryoun Michiyoshi, Tsuba [sword guard] in the form of an octopus, mid-19th century, Japan. William Sturgis Bigelow Collection. MFA

A studio photo of two women sleeping in wadded futon bedding with their heads on wooden head supports. It must be Winter as they use two layers for both mattress and cover. There is an ando lamp near their heads. A folding screen illustrated with flowers and birds stands behind it. Near their feet is a hakohibachi (brazier encased in a wooden box) with a tetsubin (iron hot water kettle).

A copper and sentoku tsuba Edo period (19th century), after Iwamoto Konkan / Designed as a snake entwined around a skull, the serpent carved in the round and the teeth highlighted in silver overlay, inscribed Konkan

OCTOPI WALL STREET, Japan and the Isle of Wight

a tsuba or hilt of a japanese sword, decorated with an octopus motif. Probably lacquered metal.