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Reflection time Sometimes not everything in life goes to plan. It's tough but I'm trying to stop reflect and learn from my mistakes so I can grow and become a better person. Life is simple but doesn't mean it's easy! Has been a great Christmas with friends & family hope yours was too :) Originally posted on:

Roadtrip! Ever since seeing all those magical looking campervan trips on Instagram I've dreamed of van travel but also wondered if it was all it was cracked up to be... well I can tell you in our @jucyworld van it was! Have you done a roadtrip anywhere? I'd love to hear where or if you're planning one soon let me know in the comments Originally posted on:

Enjoying a secluded summertime dip What is your most audacious goal for 2017? Let me know in the comments! Pic by @christiane_rizzol Originally posted on:

Slept like a baby in our @jucyworld camper dreaming of tomorrows The turnover of the date is always such a grand time to reflect I'm trying to focus on the great things that happenedthis year (which were plentiful! ) and learn from the others but not dwell... The end of one adventure is always a sad time but it doesn't mean it wasn't a great adventure! I hope you are excited for your 2017 both the good and the bad parts of it and I hope I can share some of it together with you in some…

Country Sunrise Every day starts with a beautiful sunrisethis one being 40mins out from Brisbane Queensland on our way to ride with @hotairballoonbrisbane Originally posted on:

Night adventures! . I must say I am very impressed by Brisbane City it has a really nice boardwalk right down their river with $2 rental bicycles free wifi free beach pool and a super connected ferry system . For those who follow my Snapchat stories you'll also know I got up to some mischief getting night-time city-scape shots or maybe that was in fact someone else! . Favourite city? Originally posted on:

Country Cuppa Sitting out the back of our @jucyworld van in countryside Queensland making lunch and enjoying a break! So handy having a little kitchen in the back I felt like I could almost do a touring kitchen road show 2017 Goal: Cook more in nature Originally posted on:

Rainbow Beach! Riding horseback down a beautiful Australian beach in the summertime with @RainbowBeachHorseRides Tag a partner or someone you would do this with Originally posted on:

are spectacles water proof?! there wasn't any going back once we were strapped in for the ride with @paradisejetboating in the Gold Coast we just had to cross our fingers! unfortunaely had a syncing issue with the glassses (no they are not waterproof! but luckily worked it out in the end... what have you lost or water damaged on a tthrill ride? Originally posted on:

Cheers Mate! Sunset a beer and good company. Life is about moments like these My @visitgoldcoast adventure is drawing to an end but looking forward to getting up to #30DaysOfAdventures around my home state of @westernaustralia starting this week! There will also be another flight to Australia up for grabs for a lucky follower to join me so stay tuned! Originally posted on: