Bath salts and foam soap are a great combo to relax. Learn how to make your own foam soap with this video:

Resin bliss! I use resins all the time, and they work so well with essential oils. Here's a video that shows you how I burn resins:

I love making room sprays using essential oils to freshen the air in my house! Here's a video with another blend:

It’s so satisfying to make your own massage oil for the whole body! This video shows how fun and easy it is!

I love to make face washes that don't use soap, but rather use essential oils and skin nourishing carrier oils. Find another great face wash here:

Do you know you can save money by making your own foaming hand soap? It's very easy and you can customize it your favorite using essential oils.

Here’s a diffuser recipe that you can use in your massage room or yoga studio to promote this quality. Make the blend in a 5 ml stock bottle. I also made a video using this blend:

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