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Strombus raninus. Interesting and uncommon species in Missouri Key, Florida Keys, U.S.A. (with operculum). Live taken in 1-2 feet of water on sand bar at low tide. Size: approx. Condition: F . Author: Gmelin, 1791. | eBay!

You are admiring an incredible specimen, a (Strombus) Lobatus raninus (Gmelin, 1791), w/operculum, measuring quite large at 87.2mm and graded F /Gem.outstanding form featuring a beautiful, super flared lip & an excellent spire formation, beautiful shoulder nodules along with a spectacular color pattern, superb aperture color, too is displayed.an exceptional specimen. | eBay!


A close up of the top of a sea shell shows the intricate layering of the way the off white shell was formed. The layers of the shell almost appear star like and each layer rotates slightly more that the previous layer, each layer becoming smaller than the layer before it.

Strombus alatus Gmelin, 1791Living Juvenile In Situ

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