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“Tired of just walking/running normally or just using your couch for sitting? Try doing things the Markiplier way”

This was last year. I remember this video going up. And right after this he lost his friend that he was living with. Like, same day. But he persevered and kept a brave face. For his friends and he even stood by the fans as confusion ensued.

Mark volunteering at an animal shelter! SO COOL! Volunteering will change Your Life and the ones of others! Come and join us in Kenya! :)

Wade! What have you done?! Lol Just came back to finish the job!! >:D Wade's Instsgram!<<< I saw this video and honestly never seen him so sick before... I hope he never has to go through that again<<<I was so sad when he got sick

Too adorable Glad to see he's getting better!GOOD JOB MOMIPLIER. I don't know why but I live that his mom got dubbed "momiplier" because that started a trend and now we also have "amyplier" which is adorable

Mark is very inspirational and funny. He cares about every single one of his viewers and basically is life is making videos for YouTube. If you like video games and you like true people then you should watch him.

I'm wondering if the person who made this knows Markiplier. And if they don't, I understand. But if they do... Seriously, it's just mark, Bob, and Wade being friends like they always are!

(( This is for all you Markiplier fans!)) You sighed while sitting on the cool couch in your (f/c) tank top and (f/c) shorts, the fan on high as it poin... Markiplier x Reader

*throws everything out window* NO JUST STOP BEING SO GOSH DARN CUTE MARK

XD what makes it funnier (for meh) is that one of my friends is coming over in like seven hours. (it's like half two in the morning...) I should get to sleep. Sleep is for the weak, fuck it

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