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MEDIA IGNITES AFTER CATCHING THIS ON CAMERA WHILE TRUMP WAS ARRIVING IN ALABAMA - http://zogdaily.com/media-ignites-catching-camera-trump-arriving-alabama/

MICHELLE OBAMA’S REACTION CAUGHT ON CAMERA AFTER RECEIVING A GIFT FROM MELANIA TRUMP (PHOTOS) - http://zogdaily.com/michelle-obamas-reaction-caught-camera-receiving-gift-melania-trump-photos/

BOY SETS FIRE TO PROTEST TRUMP, LOOKS INTO CAMERA AND DELIVERS DISTURBING MESSAGE - http://zogdaily.com/boy-sets-fire-protest-trump-looks-camera-delivers-disturbing-message/

The daughter of Donald Trump shows off her room to the cameras from Jamie Johnson's HBO documentary.

SHOCK: High School Student Brutally Attacked At School For Supporting Donald Trump (FULL VIDEO)CALIFORNIA - Parents of a student at Woodside High School are outraged after their daughter was viciously attacked for supporting Donald Tru...

A message to my friends in the USA: The Daily Express is available to all; it presents facts! even though it is generally a "Quit EU" organisation. I have just read the comments at the end of this article, and out of 150 I can only find three that are supportive of HC. Your president obama has done untold damage to our wonderful relationship and it will take a lot of repairing - his comments ref BREXIT were nothing short of insulting! You must cut back on Liberalism there. jp

There is a lot more to come from The Rotten One https://plus.google.com/collection/oGaAbB

A woman stealing a Trump sign hit a bit of a wall mid-theft, and the homeowner caught the whole thing - http://eradaily.com/woman-stealing-trump-sign-hit-bit-wall-mid-theft-homeowner-caught-whole-thing/

Australia Releases Anti-Donald Trump Video That Was Just BANNED From U.S. Television (VIDEO)

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