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00.45 hours on 17 Jan 1941 the unescorted Zealandic was hit underneath the forward mast by U-106 about 230 miles west-northwest of Rockall. The ship stopped for a short time, sent distress signals and then continued. The ship sank slowly after being hit amidships by two torpedoes at 00.59 and 01.27 hours. The Germans saw the crew abandon ship in 3 lifeboats, but they were never seen again. The master, 64 crew members, two gunners and six passengers were lost.

HMS Royal Ulsterman Ca 1943. Ulsterman, under the command of Captain Harry Houghton, carried the three survivors of HMS Hood (the British battlecruiser sunk by the German battleship Bismarck), back to the UK. On 29 August 1941, off the west coast of Scotland, Ulsterman was holed in a collision with the destroyer HMS St. Mary's, requiring repairs on the Mersey until late September.

HMS Impulsive. She attacked and sank the German submarine U-457 in the Barents Sea north-east of Murmansk in Russia on 16 September 1942.

8 March 1943 the unescorted James B. Stephens (Master John Edward Green Jr.) was torpedoed by U-160 about 150 miles northeast of Durban, while steaming a nonevasive course at 11.5 knots. A torpedo struck one the port side between the #2 and #3 hatches. The explosion set the fuel oil in the double bottoms on fire and the ship settled rapidly by the bow. At 20.32 hours, a coup de grâce was fired, which struck on the port side at the #4 hatch and broke the ship in two. Both sections remained…

HMS Ramillies (07) - Corazzata classe Revenge - Entrata in servizio 1º settembre 1917 - Caratteristiche generali Dislocamento (alla costruzione) 28.000 t (a pieno carico) 31.000 Lunghezza 190 m Larghezza 31 m Pescaggio 8,5 m Propulsione 18 caldaie Quattro assi 40.000 Hp Velocità 23 nodi (43 km/h) Autonomia 7.000 n.mi. a 16 nodi (13.000 km a 30 km/h) Equipaggio 997-1.146 - Motto: Fiel pero deodichado - Radiata Febbraio 1948

MV Albert L. Ellsworth On the 8th January 1943 when on route from CURACAO & TRINIDAD for GIBRALTAR in Convoy TM-1 and carrying a cargo of 11,473 tons of admiralty furnace oil she was torpedoed by German submarine U-436 and damaged. The following day U-436 attacked the vessel with gunfire and sank her. Crew of 42 saved.

Lieut Cdr Norman, C.O. of HMS GRAPH on the bridge as she comes alongside in the Clyde during trials in February '42. She was a German Type VIIC U-boat which was captured and used by the British Royal Navy during World War II. Commissioned as the U-570 in mid-1941, she was attacked and captured on her first patrol.She carried out three combat patrols.

HMS Begonia (K66) she fought in several convoy battles. In July 1941 Begonia was part of the force escorting OG 69, which saw 7 ships sunk and one U-boat damaged off the coast of Portugal. In September 1941 Begonia was with HG 73, which lost 9 ships and an escort in a 10-day running battle. During her twelve months service in the Battle of the Atlantic Begonia escorted 15 Atlantic and 8 Gibraltar convoys, assisting in the safe passage of over 800 ships, though some were subsequently lost

HMS Cairo. Honours and awards: Norway 1940 Atlantic 1940-41 Malta Convoys 1942 Fate: Sunk 12 August 1942 by the Italian submarine Axum off Bizerta

HMS Escapade (H-17) 1934, was an E-class destroyer of the British Royal Navy in commission from 1934 until 1946, that saw service before and during World War II, seeing service on Russian, Malta and Atlantic convoys.