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Ummm I seriously need these sometimes. Typically when picking a meal at a restaurant (and deciding what to do for the rest of my life).

This is a work sheet I designed for when I have a first therapy session with a child. It allows for me build rapport, get to know the basics, and to explore a couple in-depth items, such as fears and worries. Hope you enjoy and find this useful!

"A Self-Assessment Tool for Clients" - Can be used to identify strengths during challenges; could use different colors and address strengths and development goals. #Uncategorized

Teaching children meditation

Meditations in the form of guided journeys are wonderful for children because they engage the imaginative part of the child's brain and help them relax. Leading children through meditation can help...

This printable mental health intake form can help diagnose disorders by providing patients' symptoms, background, complaints and medical histories. Free to download and print