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Lee-Harvey-Oswald, a 24 year ex-Marine and one time defector to the USSR, on Nov. 22, 1963, after killing JFK, he shot & killed a policeman with a hand gun about 45 minutes after he fled the scene of the assassination.

When questioned Czolgosz claimed he had been incited to kill McKinley by the speeches of Emma Goldman.When released she shocked the public,stating:"Czolgosz had committed the act for no personal gain.He did it for what the good of the people.That's why my sympathies are with him." However, Bill Falkowski pointed out: "He Czolgosz was denounced by spokespersons of the Left, with the lone sympathetic exception of Emma Goldman, who nonetheless advised against individual acts of political…

Marina Oswald (Marina Nikolayevna Prusakova) and Lee Harvey Oswald - The ten-month investigation by the Warren Commission, 1963–1964, concluded that the President was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone and that Jack Ruby acted alone when he killed Oswald before he could stand trial. 80 percent of Americans suspect that there was a plot or cover-up.