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BLIND TO THE SINS OF OTHERS “We must accuse ourselves, blame ourselves, judge ourselves. We see people’s sins, but we don’t know whether they have made peace with God. We don’t know if the person who...

The truth is I made mistakes and terrible decisions that hurt you and damaged us. The truth is that's not the man I was raised to be, the man I am or the man God created me to be for you. The truth is I'm not capable of making those mistakes and decisions again. The truth is loose and will defend itself and protect you for the rest of our lives and then after. The truth is, there is no safer place for you and there never will be.

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Your word is your lifeline. If you do not have your word you are nothing. The most important thing is to always keep your word. Fulfill all your promises. No matter how small. Do this and your word will have more weight than gold.