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Sverige | Sweden (Sverige)

Beautiful Swedich forests. You can just imagine all the fairies and nymphs floating around.. Njupeskär - Sweden's highest waterfall

Idre Fjäll

Foskros, near Idre, Sweden. I spent every summer and winter here. Best place on earth.

Foro di Cesare

The Roman Forum,Rome,Italy. Such a beautiful and impressive place thousands of years later, in ruins, but still wonderful.

Sweden; heerlijk zwemmen in het wonderschone water en dan opdrogen op de door de zon verwarmde stenen

Fulufjällets Nationalpark

Gare de Sion

Suisse, Sion, is recognizable from afar thanks to the high towers of Castle Tourbillon & the Castle of Valeria. Located on the French side of Suisse,the capital is Valais w/ 30,000 inhabitants.Past & future blend in one of Switzerland’s oldest cities (7,000 years) in the middle of one of the most important wine-growing regions in Switzerland.The Castle Church of Valeria has one of the world’s oldest playable organs from the 15th c. & hosts an International Antique Organ Festival July-August.