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A high school student was sucked out of an airplane after it was struck by lightning. She fell 3.2 kilometers to the ground still strapped to her chair and lived. Only to endure a 9 day walk to the nearest civilzation. She was the sole survivor of 93 passengers and crew in the December 24, 1971, crash of LANSA Flight 508 in the Peruvian rainforest

Pick It Or Skip It: Her Campus’s Ultimate Guide to What to Pack for College

Pick It Or Skip It: Her Campus’s Ultimate Guide to What to Pack for College | Her Campus

Space matters. Why must high school students endure bland, ugly, boring classrooms? | Anne Knock

Why must High school classroom be boring? Great resource for changing high school classroom environment.

Science Poster 12x18 Educational Classroom Art Print of Scientists, Informational Homeschool Decor for Science Teacher or Student Gift

Alex Moore was a 15-year-old high school student attended Jemison High School in Jemison, Alabama. On morning in mid-May 2010, Alex left her home and walked to an overpass above Interstate-65. She jumped. Alex was bullied at her school, which combined with continual grief from the accidental death of her sister two years prior was more than Alex was able to cope. Alex’s parents weren’t aware of the depth of the bullying their daughter endured until it was too late. Only after her death…

The Little Rock Nine Are Now Eight: The Ancestors Bring Home Jefferson Thomas

The Little Rock Nine ~ 1957. These are the children who integrated the school in Little Rock, Arkansas. President Eisenhower ordered out the National Guard to protect them, but they were still spit on and they had to endure hateful remarks and racist epithets. They are all heroes in my book.

EASTON, Kan. -- September is National Children's Cancer Awareness Month. The occasion hits close to home for some. One young survivor from the metro knows the pain cancer patients endure, and now, he's comforting other sick kids. Leavenworth County’s Donald Helton knows exactly how pediatric cancer patients feel. The Pleasant Ridge High School student used to be one, after all. Now, Helton, 14, is in remission, having beaten leukemia. The Leavenworth County native has been collecting…