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I LOVE MY READERS! Here's a photo of me and Crystal Dawn, one of my enthusiastic fans and readers of my new book Soul Shifts (, taken in Edmonton, Canada last weekend at the Hay House I CAN DO IT CONFERENCE. She just posted this: " Words cannot express the gratitude, love & connection felt after hearing your blessed words & soul messages! Thank you & May you blessed as you've so blessed our lives today here! " Thank you Crystal! My fans are MY blessing!

I love meeting my readers and fans. Each connection feels like a reunion with an ancient soul friend. Someone just sent me this photo of a the long autograph line at one of my recent events as people wait for me to sign a copy of Soul Shifts. What an honor to meet each person who's reading my book!

Your spiritual obligation to the world is to raise the vibration of your consciousness. The more conscious you are, the less trouble you'll get into, and the more you'll contribute to the upliftment of everyone around you. I'd love to offer you instant inspiration today--Click to order my new book SOUL SHIFTS:

A Message from bestselling author DR. WAYNE DYER about SOUL SHIFTS: "One of my all-time favorite colleagues and friends for the past three decades, Dr. Barbara De Angelis, has written a transformational new book that I am excited to share with all of you. Her book is titled "Soul Shifts," and it is a brilliant, authoritative, practical guide to higher awareness."

MORE PROOF THAT CATS ARE COSMIC-PART TWO: Tory Blom, who's a fan of my book Soul Shifts, read my post earlier today about her cat KIWI and sent me this new photo. It seems after offering us her inspiring download, Kiwi decided to soak up some more transformational vibrations from SOUL SHIFTS! Thank you Kiwi. Learn more about how you can shift:

O CANADA--THANK YOU!! My new book Soul Shifts reached #1 on last night thanks to my Canadian fans and readers!!! What a great early birthday present. Order Soul Shifts here and register your purchase to receive $400 of thank-you gifts:

I'm about to turn 64 on March 4th, so something about having Amazon call my new book SOUL SHIFTS "a hot new release" makes me smile!!!! And it IS a hot new release! See more here: When you order the book, I have fabulous, valuble thank-gifts, so register to receive them on my website:

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I'M READY TO HELP YOU SHIFT THIS FALL! I'm on my way back from vacation & excited about my upcoming fall events, seminars and workshops! Schedule: If you are a fan of my work, reader of my books including Soul Shifts, or feel ready for profound transformation this fall, I hope to meet you at one of these powerful events.

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