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Sterling Silver Swarovski Mint Beads Earrings - hand wired earrings, long earrings, love, quirky, wire, handmade, Mint weddings bridesmaid

Love Knot Sailors Knot Sterling Silver link bracelet. womens link bracelet

Floral Green Lilies, Chocolate Brown Pearls, Swarovski Crystals, Brass Ornate Drop Earrings

Clusters of ivory pearl earrings Cosmopolitan 32

Cosmopolitan 32 Clusters of ivory pearl earrings by Calico Juno Jewelry Available in Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Fill

Large Ethiopian silver beads with African copal - Rare, signed by silversmith - 24"

by Nancy Sathre-Vogel. | Necklace; 5 large old Ethiopian silver beads are combined with two colours of African 'Amber beads'. | The Ethiopian silver beads are all signed, and like most old silver beads {ca. 50 - 70% silver content} from Ethiopia, these were made by melting down other silver ornaments and Maria Theresa Thaler coins. The amber beads are copal. | 425$