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"LIGHTS IN THE STORM" Rassegna di Arti visive, musica e performing arts presenta: “Vieni a guardare le onde” Exhibtion di Annabella Cuomo Inaugurazione giovedì 9.02.2017 h.18.00_24.00 *la mostra sarà attiva fino al 05.03.2017 Concept_ Prima che iniziasse a scrivere la nascita della tragedia, Nietzsche scrisse brevemente la storia di un uomo che chiese all’animale: "perché non mi parli della tua felicità e soltanto mi guardi? l’animale dal canto suo voleva rispondere ma se ne dimenticò…

Stone Cloister, Rozgirche, Ukraine. In this Carpathian village we can see the rock monastery which was made at 13th-14th centuries. The rock monastery is a unique two story cave complex

Amstel Light’s “Savor Complexity” features….Burgers! :: The Burger Beast: It's All About The Comfort Food

Complex tale of pigeon - Animation by Paulo Lombardi. Animation made for an Amstel ad. I animated the pigeon.

The complex tale of Whistling

Heian Era costume. Photos at the Kyoto museum of a mannequin wearing heian era costume. 2008 is the 1000 year anniversary of the 'Tale of Genji'.

This side faces the dawn; the other side faces dusk. The walls are built using clay-soil dug out of the ground, with sand & straw added as needed, and the walls support all of the loads of the building. This is a high thermal-mass material, not an insulator. That means it works well for exterior walls in temperate ad warm climates and works well as a trombe wall (solar heat storage wall) for well-insulated buildings in cold or mixed climates.

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