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Explore Water Pool, Wooden Bridge and more!

For those of you, who think that lumpy space princess looks awful this game was made. Play it and show others, how she should look like according to your opinion.

Your help is requested! Can you find some certain things quick so customers won't wait for long?

Play a new version of Pokemon game and try to complete it without losing fights to other Pokemon trainers. Explore the world and complete mini quests.

Guide Cinderella through this challenging day and succeed.

The lands of Eildrim was a perfect place to live before the evil mage came.

What would you say, if one of your journeys turned into the whole adventure? You expected this walk to be nothing, but a small shopping, but life had other plans about you.

Jump from one year to another and deliver the items to their owners.

Save your goal again multiple strikes of your opponent. Drag a goalkeeper to the spot, where the ball will be and prevent him from scoring the ball.

Fix the items that is given to you to complete the level goal and prevent them from falling.