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Here is another phone booth concept. Love the sound proofing on the inside of this one.

When we were building this room, we joked with the carpenters that this was where we sent people who needed to calm down and that we needed the walls padded so they wouldn’t hurt themselves. Really we just wanted a quiet room where people could make calls. The walls are covered in egg-crate packing foam.

The Future Of Home Living - A PSFK Report

EQUILIBRIUM: Need a moment of privacy? Buzziskin noise-canceling fabric is easy to install on any surface. How do you create quiet, private spaces at home? Share with us on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook using #PSFKhome.

‘phone box’ made of soundinsulating felt that dampens outside sounds. Micro-architecture for maxi spaces! Design by Alain Gilles

Dymitr Malcew Designs Office Breakout Seating Inspired By Treehouses /// Dymitr Malcew, an architect based in Singapore, has designed a collection of office breakout seating, inspired by treehouses. The seats can roll around to create small meeting spaces, or be kept separate to be used as individual work areas.

Finding Privacy in Coworking: Quiet and Call by TILT

We now know that hackers can spy on us through our web cams, and the NSA is reading our texts, emails, and listening to our personal phone calls. It's enough to make anyone paranoid, pushing the most private people to retreat further into their bubble.