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The glowing tubes stretched for miles. No one knew what lay at the end. None had been brave enough to venture that far. But with no other place left to go, the refugees had no choice.

Magic universe ... abstract, alien, astral, astrology, astronomic, astronomy, background, bang, big, celestial, clouds, cluster, colorful, constellation, cosmic, cosmology, cosmos, dust, effect, exploration, fantasy, fiction, flare, galaxy, glitter, glow, glowing, heaven, illuminated, illustration, immense, infinite, infinity, light, magic, multitude, mystical, nebula, night, ray, sci-fi, science, shimmer, sky, space, spatial, starry, stars, stellar, universe

:icongriet-pearl: a place i like to hideby ~Griet-pearl Photography / Conceptual ©2010-2012 ~Griet-pearl ...