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Government:This is a picture of KIng Mohammed VI. Morocco is a constitutional monarchy. The government includes the three branches of government like the U.S. There is a chief of state who is king Mohammed VI. The king has the ability to pass a legislation with a legislation. Prime minister is the head of the government.The legislative branch of the government consists of a Parliament.There is a Chamber of Advisors and a Chamber of representatives.

Mis amigos y yo vimos este bandera mucho pero nosotros no entendieron la estructura de banera. Nosotros encontraron que las líneas de azul significan las tres partes del país durante las guerras de independencia. Las líneas de blanco significan la pureza de la causa patriota. Finalmente, el triángulo significa el derramamiento de sangre durante la guerra.

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Daily Life: This is a picture of Mohammed V University which is the biggest university in Morocco. Morocco provides free education for elementary and the high school levels. Kids are taught the French and Arabic languages in school. In Morocco you are required to go to school for six years. People that live in rural have lower attendance than people in urban areas. Morocco has five non religious universities.

Language: This is a picture of the Berber language. In Morocco they speak Arabic and Berber. Moroccans speak Moroccan, Arabic, or Derija. Derija is different than traditional Arabic. Moroccans understand Arabic too. French is used a lot in business government and higher education. You can still hear Spanish in northern Morocco, and English is gaining popularity in Morocco too.

Arts:This is a picture of an Andalusian band in Morocco. Some traditional music forms are Berber, Gnaouan, Chebbi, and Arab-Andalusian. Gnaouan is from the Sahara area in Africa. Moroccan folk music has influences of Andalusian music. Andalusian and Griha are very popular types of music in Morocco.