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El Juego de Correr. There are two teams. The two teams go head to head. On each team, each student gets a number (i.e.1-12). Say out loud some vocab word in English. Give them a few seconds to process, then call out a random number in Spanish (ex: tres!). The student from team 1 who is "tres" and the student from team 2 who is "tres" both run up to the board and write the translation of the vocab! Or you could have them conjugate verbs, Yo Bailar ~ they write Bailo. So clever!


Clump-o-lump stuffed toys that you can mix and match into different combinations. Cute!

Crochet Monkey Hat

Crochet Monkey Hat. Pattern $3.99 on Craftsy. Bah, yet another pattern which I had hoped would be free but maybe some of you crafty people will be able to figure it out something SIMILAR by looking at it. :(