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British 11th Hussar-Crimea. Keith Rocco. This painting depicts a Troop Sergeant Major of the 11th Hussars during the Crimean War. The 11th was designated by Queen Victoria in 1840 as 'Prince Albert's Own'. The regiment's uniform was distinctive among other hussar regiments by its crimson (or 'cherry') colored trousers which gave rise to its nicknames; "The Cherrypickers" and "the Cherubums".

The French Braid Updo - Braid Brigade: 17 Trends to Try

The French Braid Updo, Braid Brigade: 17 Trends to Try

The Sans-culottes

Sans Culottes: which means "without knee breeches" referred to the peasant look which became very popular during the French Revolution. Pantaloons and "the shabby trouser brigade" referred to the loose fitting trousers worn.

Fort Paroche, used as a command post by the 201st Territorial Infantry Brigade of the French army, c1916.

Vivien Hussey’s British Hussar Brigade attacking French infantry at the Battle of Waterloo. The Battle of Waterloo, 18th June 1815

Brigade Commander JeanBaptiste Bessieres leads the heavy cavalry of the Consular Guard of the French Army of the Republic in a charge against the...

A French company command group, ready for the Nivelle Offensive, with attendant company musician and senior Sergent. Figures from Brigade Games, Scarab and Forgotten & Glorious, all 28mm.

1916 Christmas card printed by an Australian Brigade to be sent home to family and friends. The left panel depicts a French farmhouse being bombed, the centre panel has an Australian soldier presenting arms before the Basilica of Notre Dame de...