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Xolo Iscuintli (gold) Xolo Iscuintli (gold) The gold/green proof for this print. During the times of the Aztecs, this breed of dog was highly regarded for its intelligence and loyalty, and it was believed that the Xolo possessed healing abilities and mythical powers.

Chicken with Garlic and Basil This print shows how Mitchell relishes in the patterns that occur in the nature. Within the proportional confines of a sheet of paper, the fractal shapes and structures of nature can be set like jewels into the Euclidian geometry of architecture or the swirling decorative motifs of an art nouveau backdrop. Mitchell often embraces her tendency towards dark humor, melding that with the more decorative aspects of her work. Note: as with most prints, dimens..

Black, White, & Red This unique linoprint by artist Juan Pieri features a repeating black and white bar background.

Four Flat Fish (Pl. 35). Nuremberg: (1751-)1767. Fine hand-coloured engraved plate. Sheet size: 19 1/2 x 13 3/4 inches. A fine print from one of the greatest Nuremberg natural history books: “Delices Physiques Choisies, ou choix de tout ce que les trois regnes de la nature renferment de plus digne des recherches d’un amateur curieux, pour en former un cabinet choisi de curiositez naturelles.”…Knorr was one of the leading proto-geologists of the eighteenth century as well as an excel..

Plate XLII, Common Swallow, House Martin, San Martin, Swift Prideaux John Selby (1788-1867) created some of the most memorable bird images of the 19th century. This expertly hand-colored copperplate engraving, Plate XLII, Common Swallow, House Martin, San Martin, Swift, from his work “Illustrations of British Ornithology,” measures 25.75″ x 20.5″ and is in excellent condition with a light staining and foxing. This well detailed engraving illustrates four small yet well detailed and ..

This Thing Called Art Is Really Dangerous This Thing Called Art Is Really Dangerous This fine art print is mounted on a 2" deep hand stained black frame and arrives ready to hang on your wall complete with an easy to use hanging kit. Our Mini Art Blocks are the perfect size to fit any space, and they look even better hung in sets of 2,23

Duckling Duckling This Artist Proof print of Christine McGinnis was 'pulled' or 'Printed' by David Lynch of movie making fame. Christine made these prints from the Mid 60's until the early 80's. Rodger LaPelle and Christine McGinnis would travel through the untied states selling the prints to retailers.

Treasure Map Treasure Map Etching with aquatint by the American artist Tighe O'Donoghue, circa 1981, is a surrealist rendering of a map. O'Donoghue's use of symbols and allusions to scientific achievements have the ability to excite the viewer. Signed and numbered in pencil.

Romance of War Art Hazelwood’s prints continue the proud tradition exemplified by Hogarth, Goya, Daumier, Posada and Grosz, of criticizing social ills and telling truth to power and to the powerless. Hazelwood says the medium’s rich history of social and political commentary inspires him to constantly push the envelope, always striving for edgier pieces that enable others to make strong connections with the art and the messages it conveys. Note: as with most prints, dimensions are f..

Infinity Infinity This bold print by artists Gino Galvez and Justina Ko features a "figure 8" or infinity symbol (two overlapping circles) in bright pinks.