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How many couples before them have lain hours under a window, in a bed, tasting, touching, looking, resting--the world a screen or pane of glass away, restless for their presence, when all they want is the solitude of each other.--Cherri Porter

My hand in yours. Do you remember ours hands unite? Strong, very strongly as if we were affraid of separate us. I miss so much take your hand and slowly feel your fingers, your soft skin, your strength...In one world: feel you... I missed feeling you...

Photo (Dreaming In blue)

Comfort. ..... LOL, I SO DO stuff like this ... I'd be running my fingers through his hair & scratching his back or rubbing his neck while I did it too! I can't keep my hands to myself, I've gotta touch people I love!

Sorry babe I just woke up but goodmornin my love I love u to babe wit all my heart an more! I can't wait to spend the rest of my life wit u to babe u just dont know how ready I am to make u Mrs howerton! !!

Blankies and Roman Holiday. The Best. (Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men)

Harry Potter. Friends tv show. Photography. Narnia. Christmas. You've Got Mail. The Parent Trap. Camping. Chocolate. Winter. Kittens. Jane Austen. SNL. Kristen Wiig. Johnny Depp. One Direction. Gilmore Girls. HIMYM. Diane Keaton.....