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Former SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Paul Zapp on trial in Munich for mass murder committed during World War II, 20th January 1970. Zapp commanded Einsatzkommando 11a, a mobile death squad tasked with the killing of Jews and communists behind the front line in Nazi-occupied eastern Europe. He is accused of the murder of 13, 000 Jews in Russia. Zapp was later sentenced to life imprisonment.

2016 wildlife photographer of the year - winners in pictures

Snapper party, Tony Wu, USWinner, underwater categoryFor several days each month, thousands of two spot red snappers gather to spawn around Palau in the western Pacific Ocean. The action is intense as the fish fill the water with sperm and eggs, and predators arrive to take advantage of the bounty. Noticing that the spawning ran ‘like a chain reaction up and down the mass of fish’, Wu positioned himself so that the action came to him. On this occasion, with perfect anticipation, he managed…

ar-lath-ma-vhenan: dragonageconfessions: Confession: Every time I’m in the Fallow Mire, and I trigger undead to spawn when I walk in the water, I just imagine Aragorn whispering to me, “do not disturb the waters.” mmm aragorn

The 'Serpent' Star-Forming Cloud Spawns Stars - Within the swaddling dust of the Serpens Cloud Core, astronomers are studying one of the youngest collections of stars ever seen in our galaxy. This infrared image combines data from NASAs Spitzer Space Telescope with shorter-wavelength observations from the Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS), letting us peer into the clouds of dust wrapped around this stellar nursery.