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She isn't herself these days. She isn't who they say she is, either. The Making of Nebraska Brown. B & N, Kobo, Amazon. Print/eBook.

The Goddess is everywhere, in everyone, in everything. She holds all of the good things in life. She is known by many names, but my main Goddess is Brigid.

Maggie Rozier - FBI agent, Librum researcher (Earth, Eden) *ex-Magdeline, kept all powers* FAMILY: Daughter of Mia Rozier, Fabian Scott, Ex-girlfriend of Beck Potter, Cousin of Aria Rozier, Bridgette Rozier, Gatsby Rozier, Molly Rozier /// student

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Nephthys by Sisters Katya and Lena Popovy. Nephtyhys sister of Isis, consort(wife) of brother Set. Helped Isis nurture Horus.