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The Tommy Gun: World War I Army Brigadier Gen. John Taliaferro Thompson invented what came to be known as the Tommy Gun. Went into production in 1921. The U.S. Marines first used the Tommy gun in Nicaragua in 1925, where it excelled in jungle fighting. Before gun permits were required, customers could buy them from hardware stores.

High quality vinyl sticker featuring an eagle grasping 2 guns and the saying "The 2nd Amendment Is My Gun Permit", date of issue 12/15/1791 and date expires: NEVER. It is durable and weather resistant. Easy to remove adhesive adheres to most glass, metal and plastic surfaces. Great for cars, boats, trucks and trailers! Made in the USA!

New ... The 2nd Amendment is My Gun Permit" T-Shirt. The "The 2nd Amendment is My Gun Permit" T-Shirt features a unique design. The design features a skull with cowboy hat. Vintage crossed revolvers in the skull's mouth with rattlenakes and barb wire on each side of the skull. Uniquely created text that states, "The 2nd Ammendment is my gun permit." Cotton-blend Rich, vibrant colors High quality print * Your purchased item is being mailed to you. As such, it may come with wrinkles…

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