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He never expected to be on camera...

She couldn't believe what had been done to her disabled husband.

In 1993, 19-year-old Kimberly Smith faced one of the most heartbreaking dilemmas of her life. She was 20-weeks pregnant with her second child, a boy, when sh...and ultrasounds aren't always that accurate, either.

Hillary Clinton's email system was insecure for two months

These inmates were waiting for their time in court when the guard in charge slumped over unconscious. With no one else down there these prisoners knew they needed to act to save his life. And seeing them breakout to save this total stranger will move you! What a wonderful thing these men did!

I looked at the plus sign on the pregnancy test in disbelief… This couldn’t be happening. Just a short month before, I’d been told by an ob/gyn that I wou

Fear is temporary, but the courage you gain facing it lasts forever. Panic subsides, but the strength you find in the midst of the crisis endures. 

A Minnesota woman thought she was doing a homeless felon a favor by letting him into her cafe, and allowing him to to work. But what she got, was beyond what she expected. She told him nothing is for free and offered him a job to … What happens next boggles the mind. Whatever happened to common civility?

This is one crazy story: A 25-year-old Indian woman went into labor expecting one new child. She had five instead. The new mother, Manita Singh, was worried

Operation Gratitude on

Support our Troops EVERY day, and EVERY day #RememberEveryoneDeployed. (Photo by Cpl. John A. Martinez Jr. Used with permission.)