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Chibi Vocaloid! My favorite is SeeU . #Vocaloid #HatsuneMiku #SeeU

anzujaamu - Aaaaaliens! Vocaloid Gumi inspired. Outfit Rundown...

Yeaassss !!!!! I totally agree :3 (except in japan an otaku isent a paticually a good thing -.-)

Vocaloid : hatsune miku better than justin bieber in more ways than one

.Pokemon & Vocaloid crossover. Hell ya. I feel like Miku would be the trainer, with an eevee of course, and the rest of the vocaloids should be gym leaders! How do that sound? But of course everyone has their own opinion and I respect their honesty.

no one cares biebs..... Coz we hate you signed the british public who drove you out of our country in only 3 days :)

Miku - Chie Lady(Chie.Lady) Hatsune Miku Cosplay Photo - WorldCosplay

Death Note ~~ L as a Shinigami :: This saddens me. He should NEVER Have been killed.

all types of anime girl~ I'm a chibi based on my height, but I'm more bokukko in personality.