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Christina's World ~ artist Andrew Wyeth, c.1948; oil on canvas. Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, New York. It's said that Wyeth was inspired to create this painting when he saw the disabled Christina Olson crawling across a field from a third-floor bedroom window of the Olson house. The location of the home is Cushing, Maine. It's on the Nat'l Register of Historic Places, and is now owned by the Farnsworth Museum in nearby Rockland. Tours of the house are available.

The Hathorn-Olson House was built in the late 1700s by Capt. Samuel Hathorn II. The house was substantially altered in 1871 by Capt. Samuel Hathorn IV. The 1871 alterations included the addition of several bedrooms on the third floor & the construction of a steeply pitched roof. The property was inherited in 1929 from their mother Kathe Hathorn by Christina Olson & Alvaro Olson, descendants of the Capt. Hathorn. The house was made famous by its depiction in Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World.

The Farmhouse of Wyeth’s ‘Christina’s World’

More images for the inspirational home of the painting Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth (Christina Olson was the owner of the home)

Olson House, Cushing, ME

Olson House, Cushing, Maine: backdrop of the painting 'Christina's World' by Andrew Wyeth. One of my favorite paintings, ever!

Olson House, Cushing, ME. This house is familiar, being the subject of many Andrew Wyeth artworks.