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George and Brad at an Arnold Schwarzenegger statue in Columbus, Ohio. When Schwarzenegger vetoed California's marriage equality bill, it helped George decide to come out. “That night, we saw all these young people pouring out onto Santa Monica Boulevard, venting their rage against Schwarzenegger. They inspired me. I’d spent a lifetime being silent on the issue… now I had to speak up.”

The Attack On Equality-Homosexuality is not a choice. No one chooses their sexual preference or who they are physically attracted to. Everyone's sexual orientation is determined biologically through genetics and epigenetics.

WHITE HOUSE ~> GAY MARRIAGE "FULFILLS" AMERICA'S "FOUNDING PRINCIPLES" -- Gay marriage is an issue of equality that fulfills America’s founding principles, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said during Wednesday’s press briefing. [...] - [03/30/13] - ***DEAR GOD‼ WHAT IS BECOMING OF AMERICA???? LORD HELP!!!!

“ Errol Flynn on Sirocco ” (Sailors & Mermaids)

Errol Flynn proving style is equal amount clothes as it is dogs and boats

Details about Florida State Seminoles FSU Football T-Shirts - The Good The Bad The Ugly