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Tom Hiddleston Playing With A Baby Leopard Is All Kinds Of Adorable

Huffingtonpost: "As if we needed any further evidence that hot men and cute animals are a winning combination, Tom Hiddleston has definitely proved it with his latest appearance on ‘The Late, Late Show’" Link:

Tom Hiddleston, casually showing his awesome vocabulary << for real though, what kind of question is that?

Hiddlestoners: we're everywhere. <--Has anyone noticed that sometimes it takes him a few minutes to realize that he's being hit on, lol. its so endearing and adorable

Tom Hiddleston wears a suit well in first look at BBC drama The Night Manager

"We knew Tom Hiddleston looked good in a suit but damn, take a look at him in this first group shot of upcoming BBC drama The Night Manager. That open neck, the hands in the pockets…"

Ehehe. :3 Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston being polite. And then Martin Freeman shows up XDD

You know he's a man's man when #TomHiddleston shows up in your fashion boards unannounced.

"It’s really a movie that is traditionally gothic romance, but it has two or three violent moments that are very violent. And one or two little sexual things that are more overt than gothic romance normally is." [Guillermo del Toro]. Source: