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Toy Poodle - 2nd most intelligent dog. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Intelligence_of_Dogs Brightest Dogs! Understanding of New Commands: Fewer than 5 repetitions. Obey First Command: 95% of the time or better.

~ resting!! descansando ~ poodle toy

Puppy poodle bijou

2 Toy Poodles (Not for sale) Stud Service Available

Miniature tea cup Poodles Puppies | Teacup poodle, tea cup poodle puppies for sale, Poodle breeder

"Ok, let's hear it." "A nice piece of bone, with the marrow still intact everyday for two weeks, in exchange for potty training." "You've got yourself a deal." YES, I KIND OF WISHED I COULD HAVE THIS CONVO WITH MY DOGS, BOCHOG AND BOOMER. :)

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