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Bower Bird Nest by rupert steggles aka helgi: Bower birds are known for their unique courtship behavior. A male will build and elaborately decorate (with hundreds of sticks and colored objects he has spent hours collecting and arranging ) a 'bower' to attract a mate. Colors chosen may reflect the preferences of the females. This one is decorated with shells and greenery and is filled with glass. #Bower_Bird #Nest

Cherry-crowned Mangabey (Cercocebus torquatus) by Roger Sargent: Mangabeys are some of the most rate and endangered monkeys are earth and are found only in Africa. They have tails longer than their bodies for good balance in the rain forest canopy. #Monkey

Achrioptera fallax by Tommaso Renzi: A stick insect found in Madagascar. Males have reduced wings (as in the photo) and are incapable of flight. #Insects #Stick_Insect

Graphosoma lineatum by orestART: Also known as the Italian Striped-Bug (It really does have stripes on its back!) or the Minstrel Bug, this is a species of shield bug commonly found in Europe, North Africa and the Near East. #Shield_Bug