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Fantastic stop-motion film turns common objects into delicious sandwich

French Guacamole by PES - I really like this stop-motion because of the detail and care that was taken into making the foods seem realistic. However, if I was to make a piece like this I would struggle to make it seem so professional as I don't have the materials.

Clever Food Film: Western Spaghetti by PES Film

Western Spaghetti- one of my favorites to show kids when making digital art! GREAT example of stop motion animation.

This stop motion video has been made by Dutch visual artist Rogier Wieland for Moleskine. These compact and colourful planners are the smallest in the Moleskine catalogue so far. They are about the same size as a pack of tissues.

Animated In Bed - Wonderful Stop Motion. probably one of the best music vidoes i have ever seen. i hate standard music videos where the singer stands and sing in front of camara with depiction of the lyrics (well what there to depict) . that why i love these videos as you can tell the designer has thought hard about every detail there is about the song and how you could show it in a fun and engaging way. love to see more music videos like this.

I love stop motion

I love stop motion by chloe fleury. Personal project about stop motion story. Everything is made of papers. Big thanks to Erin Austin and Rob Gungor from OK Sweatheart who worked on this beautiful music.