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The dispenser pump bottle is a practical and beautiful refill container for the various nail liquids in the nail salon. The handy pump in the top of the bottle makes it easy to dispense cleaners or polish removers. #dispenser #pump #bottle

We offer our nded acetone-free nail polish remover for the gentle removal and handling of your natural and artificial nails. It doesn’t affect your modeling, and does not dry out your skin and nails. #nded #polish #remover #acetonefree

Our nded nail polish remover mildly and gently frees your nails from nail polish. The mild nail polish remover stops your nails from drying out, keeping the cuticle smooth. Essential for professional nail design. #nded #polish #remover

The stiletto shape is in demand in nail design. Making this nail extravagant form is simplified with the artificial nail tips from the Stiletto Tips refill bag 50 pcs. With minimal filing effort and without a template, perfect artificial nails in the trendy stiletto shape are easy to make. #nded #stiletto #refill #size5

Nail art color pearls are being used more frequently for decorating fingernails and toenails. The color pearls are easy to use, they are available in different colors with a great metal ice effect – for gloriously fantastic nails. #nded #colorpearls #rose #metallic

The tips from the nded diamond tip box 100 pieces make sure that the nails in brilliant gloss shine. The diamond look works with its translucent look irresistible and guaranteed draws attention to itself. Safely stowed in the practical box the diamond tips in 10 different sizes you can simply remove and process in a few steps on the natural nail. #nded #diamondtipbox #neongreen

Nail art in a wave look can be conjured up with the Waves nail stickers on natural and artificial nails. The easy-to-use nail tattoos are simply glued to the nail according to your personal preferences and sealed for longer durability. #nded #nailstickers #green

Acrylic powder and liquid is a nail modeling system which has been practiced longer than the UV gel technique. You can use our acrylic powders for designing lovely nails which are extremely resilient and yet flexible. #acrylic #powder

The nded acrylic liquid for beginners is the perfect working material for all those who are not yet up to speed when it comes to nail modeling using the acrylic method. The longer hardening time leaves you enough time for the modeling. #acrylic #liquid #beginners