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The Intense Core-Strengthening Move You Can Do Standing Up

If you want abs but don't like crunches than these abs exercises are perfect for you. Get toned and sculpted abs by standing up. This intense core workout will tighten your stomach and build muscle. Get your upper body ready for summer with these fat-burning exercises.

Windshield wiper: Ab workouts, from simple to killer, to help you flatten your belly, burn fat, and strengthen your core. |

What if I told you that the best ab exercises are not the ones you see in most magazines?In fact, many of them are the worst ab exercises you could be doing, and most of them do nothing to burn belly fat. (1)What if I also told you that most “old school” ...

Resistance bands are the perfect equipment for travel #workouts! Take your gym on the go with this do-anywhere routine.

Kick Out the Jams and Torch the Fat With This Dance Workout: Get your sexy on, and burn some serious calories with PlyoJam, the fitness craze that combines dance moves with exploding plyometrics.

Cardio Workouts

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Your Abs Will Burn After This Barre Workout: Just 10 minutes out of your day will bring you closer to a tighter tummy.

300-Calorie-Burning Video Workout: Torching calories and building lean muscles doesn't need to take all day.