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I did not know the story behind this kitty pic until today ( I hang my head in shame that I did not already know this)..this man just makes me love him more and more! xoxo This is a story written by...

Afternoon eye candy: Tom Hardy (34 photos)

Tom Hardy. Dilema de poner esta en el board de "Want!" o si en el board de "Yum!"

35 Pictures Of Tom Hardy For 35 Hardy Years

Community Post: Is Tom Hiddleston Or Tom Hardy Your Soulmate?

35 Pictures Of Tom Hardy For 35 Hardy Years

notmyhairitisapalm: “ You are waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away. You don’t know where this train will take you but it doesn’t matter because Tom Hardy is on it. ”

x Tommy, even if you dress like my friend’s Dad in 1993 and use a cell phone holster that sticks up above your performance fleece and an Ipod holster on your arm x we all still would in a heartbeat....