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Andrea Lauren (@inkprintrepeat) | Finally finished carving all these squirrels and fall elements which have been in process for a while. Happy to finally block print a finished piece with them all arranged! | Intagme - The Best Instagram Widget

BABY SQUIRRELS!!!! No way. I always say how interesting it is that no one I know has ever seen a baby squirrel.

Lauren Moriarty & Co Three Squirrels Wall Stickers

Andrea Lauren (@inkprintrepeat) | Having fun carving and printing this happy squirrel in three colors | Intagme - The Best Instagram Widget

Easy shapes collage art and math activity

i'm writing about a simple creative collage invitation today as a guest on one of my favorite kid's learning blogs @cathynurturestore. yay for new blog posts! (link in profile)

10 Creative Ways To Be Sparkingly Beautiful With Glitter Makeup

Glitter-Inspired Beauty Looks | 15 New Ways To Wear Glitter, check it out at