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Learning Tones with WaiChinese

Focusing on my tones easily became the most dreaded part of my Chinese study. That is, of course, until I stumbled across WaiChinese, a fantastic app. Let's work on improving Chinese Tones! @eurolinguiste

Everyday 1 Chinese word and 1 Chinese expression on your Pinterest. Audio available with the weekly newsletter - download now! #chinese #china #chinesecharacter

[Grammar] 就 (是) + Verb [Sentence] I am not letting you go - 我就是不让你去。[Discuss] Can you give our tutors a call and use this new piece of grammar? #learnchinese #Mandarin #Chinese #language #intermediate #grammar #speakchinese #learnchinese #Mandarin #Chinese #language #grammar #speakchinese

你的未婚夫知道你的年龄吗? nǐ de wèi hūn fū zhī dào nǐ de nián líng ma Does you fiance know your age? 是的,他知道一部分。 shì de tā zhī dào yī bù fèn Yes, partly.

How to say goodbye in Mandarin: #3 - 一会儿见 - see you in a while! Learn more:

Learn Chinese grammar to distinguish 行动 and 行为, both of them means an action or move. But they have some differences, so let's learn Chinese grammar with Hanbridge Mandarin together.