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December 10, 1950 (Ralph Bunche) & Dr Martin Luther King (1964) received the Nobel Peace Prize (Mr Bunche was the 1st African American to receive the award)!!

'A Chosen Exile': Black People Passing In White America

Dr. Albert Johnston passed in order to practice medicine. After living as leading citizens in Keene, N.H., the Johnstons revealed their true racial identity, and became national news.

The Conservative Fantasy History of Civil Rights

Born into slavery in 1841, Blanche Kelso Bruce became the first African American to serve a full term in the U.S. Senate, as well as the first African American to preside over the Senate.

Bayard Rustin: The Man Homophobia Almost Erased From History

BAYARD RUSTIN POSTHUMOUSLY AWARDED THE 2013 PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOMPublished on the centennial of his birth, and in anticipation of the anniversary of the historic March on Washington, here is Bayard Rustin's life story told in his own words.Bayard

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The Golden Thirteen were the thirteen African American enlisted men who became the first African American commissioned and warrant officers in the United States Navy. Throughout US history untill the end of WorldWar I, the Navy had enlisted African American for general service,they were barred from joining from 1919-1932. In June 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the executive order (8802) that prohibited racial discrimination by any government agency.

1920s Former Farm Girl -- Frances Taylor visits the family farm after living in the big city of San Francisco, and hams it up. from MeraM's flickr stream.

First Black women to vote in Ettrick, Virginia, 1920 These women, left to right, are Eva Conner, Evie Carpenter, Odelle Green, Virginia Mary Branch, Anna Lindsay, Edna Colson, Edwina Wright, Johnella Frazer, and Nannie Nichols,

Leaders of March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom marching w. signs (R-L) Matthew Ahmann, Floyd McKissick, Martin Luther King Jr., Rev. Eugene Carson Blake, by Robert W. Kelley 1963