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Facts Do Matter! - No Matter What Mitt The Twit, Lyin' Ryan & Barack Obama Haters Believe - It's Not About Hating Obama, It's Not About Lying About Obama & The Dems And It's Not About Rewarding The Rich For Just Being Rich - It's About Real Solutions For Real People For A Better Tomorrow - FORWARD - OBAMA 2012 - - - FuTurXTV - Funk Gumbo Radio:

Sons a bitches. It's little things like this that's got me voting a straight blue ticket until the Republican party becomes human again.

All US deaths in war = 1,171,177 Non war US gun deaths since 1968 = 1,384,171 Read the full findings by PolitiFact here:

Did you notice that Republicans are angrier with President Obama over the Benghazi incident, than they are at the people who actually killed the Americans? Why is that?

The names of those in Congress who said 'NO' to relief for Sandy Hook victims...but wait a minute, aren't they mostly Christian? Didn't God say, 'give to the needy?'